Knowledge that holds up.

What matters
to us.

Our values.

What exactly defines us as a company? What is really important to us – in our interactions with each other, with our clients and with our business partners? Clearly defined values help us stay focused on the things that matter to us, ensuring that our actions are marked by integrity and reliability. At all times.

1. We always act in our client’s interest.

Client references always take top priority. In close consultation with our clients, we develop integrated solutions that are precisely tailored to the specific requirements.

2. We support each other.

We share our extensive knowledge and experience. How we understand team work: we communicate openly, collaborate across disciplines and utilise our different skills to pursue a common objective.

3. We keep developing.

We see ourselves as a learning enterprise. Specifically, that means: we seek continuous development, promote individual knowledge acquisition and use individual expertise for new ways of thinking and developing new process strategies.

4. We treat our employees and partners with respect.

We provide a loyal and cooperative environment – internally and externally. We acknowledge the achievements of our employees and partners, respect their objectives and values and always act with successful and long-term cooperation in mind.

5. We drive the future of our region.

Our environment is important to us. We are engaged in our region, cooperate with schools and universities and promote the regional economy. Supporting future civil engineers is particularly close to our hearts.

6. We act sustainably and independently.

We plan and act sustainably and use resources efficiently. We always strictly observe our compliance principles to guarantee uncompromised objectivity and credibility.