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Sander Damm retention soil filter, Hamburg

To improve the water quality of the middle Bille river, a rain water treatment facility is to be erected at the Sander Damm outlet in Hamburg-Bergedorf. Only areas around the parks were available, wherefore the existing water bodies were to be included and developed.

The facts.

WK Consult deliverables:
Project planning
Numerical modelling

Construction volume:
approx. EUR 870,000

The task.

The construction of a rain purification basin with constant retention and downstream retention soil filter had been planned to improve water quality. The planned transfer of water from the upper Bille had to be taken into account to create minimum water flow. An upstream rain purification basin and a two-phase discharge structure were designed for a maximum inflow of 2.8 m³/s. Hydraulic verification was based on long-term continuum simulation.

Fitting the system into the narrow valley situation was crucial. The support had to be optimised to reduce hydraulic stress to the waterway. The water body is fed from a rain water channel with a minimum water flow from a transfer line from a different water body.