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Reinforcement of the Cranz and Neuenfelde main embankment, Hamburg

Providing protection against storm floods is incredibly important to the city of Hamburg. Over the past 50 years – since the storm flood disaster on 16 February 1962 – Hamburg has been constantly working on strengthening the public flood protection structures. In order to be able to afford the same degree of protection to all residents, Hamburg agreed on standard design water levels in the tidal Elbe in 2017 with the neighbouring states of Lower Saxony and Schleswig Holstein.

These updated design water levels form the basis of a new programme aimed at raising the flood defences in order to improve protection against storm floods in Hamburg. This raised level includes a climate-related supplement for the expected rise in the sea level. In concrete terms, this means raising the flood defences of the Cranz and Neuenfeld main embankment by between 30 and 70 cm.

The facts.

WK Consult deliverables:
General planner
Embankment construction planning
Drainage planning
Sewage and pumping plant planning
Sewage and pumping plant structural planning

Special services:
Planning of various other structures
Structural planning of various other elements
Local construction supervision
Unexploded ordnance probing concept
Structural survey of the sewage and pumping plant
Construction phase planning
Integrated construction schedule across all sites

Subcontractor services:
Traffic infrastructure
Sewage and pumping plant structural engineering
Technical equipment for the sewage and pumping plant
Accompanying landscape preservation plan
Environmental impact study

The task.

Flood protection with highly demanding civil engineering: the reinforcement of the Cranz and Neuenfelde main embankment is a job involving a wide range of aspects. Residents’ concerns, nature conservation and fruit growing are the cornerstones of this complex project.

The Cranz and Neuenfelde main embankment must be adapted to the currently required new height along a stretch measuring around 3.2 kilometres in total. In the course of this work, the embankment defence road designated for public transport must be completely renovated. In doing so, the specifications set out in the ‘Guidelines for Hamburg Flood Protection Planning’ must be taken into consideration. Furthermore, the cross-section of road and the berm for the embankment defence, which is used as a footpath and cycle path, must be adapted to the latest road construction design guidelines issued by the City of Hamburg. One particular aim of the measures is to optimise the junctions of the embankment defence road with the adjoining public roads, taking into consideration the needs of all users, including cars, lorries, pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, the link to the public road must be built for residents and commercial occupants. Furthermore, raising the embankment requires its cross-section to be widened, which means that the existing water management facilities such as the drainage ditches must be reconstructed.

A separate system has to be built for irrigating the adjacent fruit-growing areas and another for the road, embankment and general drainage. The existing sewage and pumping plant near the mouth of the Neuenfelder Schleusenfleet is affected by the plans and must be structurally modified. The construction site is immediately adjacent to the Mühlenberger Loch FFH and Ramsar conservation area. To this end, corresponding inspections and assessments must be conducted in line with the relevant guidelines and laws. The construction work will then be planned and the embankment reinforced whilst taking into account these restrictions.

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