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Offshore terminal planning, Bremerhaven

The development of offshore wind energy provides a significant contribution to the achievement of global climate change objectives.
This requires: a special port infrastructure for the pre-assembly and shipment of offshore wind turbines.

The facts.

WK Consult deliverables:
Project planning
Structural design

Construction volume:
expected volume approx. EUR 180 million

The task.

The Bremerhaven offshore terminal is embedded in an integrated logistics concept that takes account of the offshore wind energy industry’s requirements and opens up new vistas for expansions and new developments.

The terminal is located in the south of Bremerhaven, west of the fishing port in the outer dyke and dyke area on the Weser river (‘Blexer Bogen’). We were commissioned to carry out the planning of the trans-shipment facility, waterside transport connection and land routes.

The planning comprises the construction of a quay with a heavy-duty slab (200 kN/m²) for the trans-shipment facility, equipping it with fenders, ladders, bollards, etc. as well as a hydraulic landfill to create an elevation of around 25 ha for the trans-shipment area, the construction of two peripheral dykes and the instalation of substitute anchorage moorings and an additional berth.

For the maritime transport connection an approach channel and a mooring basin were designed, including strengthening the basin’s bottom for jack-up vessels.

The planning of the hinterland access includes promenades, access routes for mooring service providers and pilots as well as vehicular access to the promenade, to the dike crest and the street "Am Seedeich".

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