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The power

New construction of the Moorburg coal-fired power plant, Hamburg

The Moorburg cogeneration plant is one of the most efficient coal-fired power plants in Europe with a power generation efficiency rate of 46.5 per cent. At full capacity, the Moorburg plant causes around a quarter less CO2 emissions than older coal-fired power plants.

The facts.

WK Consult deliverables:
Structural testing
Review of the execution plans for the wharf



The task.

The power plant new build comprises two power plant units with steam generator plants, including pulverised coal firing and DeNOx system, electrostatic precipitator buildings, flue gas desulfurisation plants in the REA building, two steam turbines in the powerhouse, a hybrid cooling tower and ancillary plants (e.g. silos, administrative, workshop and water testing buildings, transport structures for water, coal and gypsum) on a construction field measuring approx. 300,000 m2 (roughly equivalent to 50 football pitches).

Unless the coal is fed directly into the steam generators, it is transported to the 320,000 t capacity circular coal storage facilities on-site via the wharfage with belt conveyors. The steam turbine condensers are cooled through circulation and are connected to a hybrid cooling tower. Any filter ash created in energy production is certified and placed into intermediate storage in three silos with a total volume of approx. 100,000 m3 before being put to further use.

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