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Extension of underground line no. 4 in HafenCity, Hamburg

HafenCity Hamburg is one of the most remarkable urban waterfront development projects in the world. Once completed, it aims to provide 5,800 apartments and 45,000 workplaces, expanding Hamburg’s city centre by around 40 per cent.

The facts.

WK Consult deliverables:
General contractor services, incl. bridges
Project planning
Structural design

Construction volume:
approx. EUR 136 million

The task.

Now that the western and central HafenCity areas have been made accessible by public transport – in particular, with the construction of the subway line U4 – an efficient public transport connection is equally required for the eastern part of HafenCity (U4 plus).

The new U4plus line comprises a 710 m long tunnel section built using the cut-and-cover method, a 230 m long trough section and the 135 m long ‘Elbbrücken’ station above ground. The underground line extension terminates with a bridge south of the station which is supported by a pillar capable of bearing a future bridge bridge crossing the Elbe river.

The excavation pit for the tunnel construction utilizes the southern diaphragm wall for shoring and furthermore as an anchored screening wall for the additional superelevation for the raising of the eastern section of the road Versmannstrasse to prevent misalignment of an existing rail line north of the tunnel construction.

Due to the routing, the station’s longitudinal axis runs approximately from north to south. The street "Freihafenelbbrücken" is located to the east, Norderelbe to the south, the planned construction sites of eastern HafenCity to the west, and the trough section of the subway line to the north. The "Zweibrückenstraße" road passes diagonally underneath the station.

Two rail bridges are integrated into the station, fitted with 4 m wide platforms on each side. The northern rail bridge passes over the new "Zweibrückenstraße", while the southern rail bridge traverses open spaces along the Elbe river and terminates with a viewing platform at the southern boundary of the station.

Partial sections of the station are croofed with a hall structure. In total, the station will be approx. 173 m long with a platform length of approx. 156 m.

If the line was extended further across the Elbe river in the future, the station would be converted to a transit station.

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